Benefits of Remote Work

Benefits of Remote Work

Over the last 5 years or so, the business world has made a total transformation in the digital workplace. With the rise in mobile technologies, businesses are maximizing efficiency and building more sustainable relationships with their professionals by mobilizing the workforce. If you’re still on the fence about letting employees work from home, here are some major benefits to consider.


Studies show that remote employees believe they’re more productive when they’re working alone. They can create their own quiet, controlled environment. Once they get in the “zone,” there’s no in-office interruption to pull them out of their focus. Water cooler conversations: gone. Carole, looking at you with sad pleading eyes asking for help with the copier for the 18th time that day? Don’t see her. Little distractions add up and more often than not, an employee is frustrated by the inability to focus until their work is done.


Connectivity & Efficiency

We’re all connected in some way. Between wifi, mobile hotspots, laptops and tablets, the need for in-person meetings is dwindling. Whether it’s via video or via text chat, there’s a way to seamlessly integrate most remote workers on almost any project. Teams are skyping, using company messengers, and collaborating on projects via cloud systems for more efficient work. By opening up some of your job roles as remote work you’re broadening your selection of talent!



People from different geographic locations have different backgrounds, different ideas and new things to bring to the table. More and more companies are taking advantage of diversifying its perspective by adopting remote workers from various locations. Hiring around the world allows us to see beyond the bubble of a cubicle and gain perspectives of others with different experiences than our own. It also makes us more compassionate and adaptable, allowing us to work more easily between different cultures.



Many times when an employee calls in sick, they’re not (we’re not calling those people liars – things happen and sometimes you just have to take one of your sick days to deal with them). Working remotely allows people to manage with the little bumps that pop up in life that would have totally derailed a work day. Employees can better handle their appointments, doctors visits, and the geral work-life balance so that it doesn’t interfere with their work. While some remote companies maintain regular hours of availability, others allow employees to pick the optimum time for their working hours so as to get the best use of their brain power.


Opportunities to work from home will continue to grow as mobile and cloud technology becomes more intuitively designed. Companies are focusing on efficiency through connectivity, making the max out of their technology budgets by actually using the devices to connect back to a central project. Diversity of perspective are becoming increasingly important and accessible with remote work, and employees are more incentivised to keep the ball rolling by performing well in a quiet, controlled environment of their choosing.