Great Tips to Help You Ace a J...

Addon Staffing Blogger June 15, 2015

Great Tips to Help You Ace a Job Interview

Five Great Tips to Help You Ace a Job Interview

So you’ve completed the job search, submitted your resume, filled out the application, and got a callback. Now there’s only one thing separating you from employment: The Interview. They can seem intimidating, overwhelming, and downright scary; but like anything else in life when you go in prepared, it’s a breeze. Here are five tips you can use to ace that interview and land your dream job!

5. Research, Research, Research!

Before you have your interview, understand the job you’re interviewing for, and the setting.
Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it with a single employer, or a staffing agency?
  • What does this business do?
  • What would your specific job duties be?

A quick Google search will tell you a little about what this business is and how they do it. Read more about the industry, to make sure you’re up-to-par or ahead of other job seekers. Going into an interview prepared demonstrates sincerity and a genuine eagerness to work and adapt.

4.  Arrive Early

Now that you know a little about the job it’s time to go to your interview. Showing up late to an interview can seriously hurt (or even ruin) your chances to get the job you want. Map out the route to the interview sight, practice your route there the day before. Ask yourself: how will the weather be on that day? Will there be construction? How will the parking be? Be prepared for any and all factors that could prevent you from getting there on time. Make sure to leave early and show up at least 15 minutes early.

3. Nonverbal Says It All

Your body language says a lot, even when you aren’t saying anything. A straightened posture, eye contact, and a firm handshake will nonverbally say that you’re both confident and professional. When making a handshake, touch web to web, grasp firmly (but don’t squeeze) and pump three times. If your hands get sweaty, keep your hands on your lap, it gives you an opportunity to wipe them off before making that important handshake. And speaking of communicating…

2. Choose Your Words

Just as your body language is important, what you say (and don’t say) matters a lot too! When you go in with a firm handshake, back it up with a courteous greeting. When we say “choose your words” it also means “limit your words”.  Remember: brief, conscience answers are always favorable over long, rambling ones—they’ll make you seem much more knowledgeable and confident. Never forget, though, that there’s a difference between confident, and overconfident. And that’s what leads us to the golden rule of interviews…

1. Your Interviewer Should Talk More Than You

Think of your interview like a class: you have to pay attention to succeed. The more your interviewer talks the more you have an opportunity to understand the work environment you’re potentially entering. Letting your interviewer speak shows respect and professionalism, that you are here because you take your job seriously and want to learn. Its makes a good lasting impression when your interviewer is making that ultimate hiring decision.

Interviews can seem rough, but each one is an opportunity to learn and grow.

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