Job Hunting After College

Job Hunting After College

Finding a job fresh out of college can be tricky! You’re equipped with a degree, bunch of knowledge in your area of study and a passion for your field. So what’s the problem? You sound like a great hire! The most common complaint among hiring managers and professionals, when hiring individuals who have recently graduated, is a lack of in-field experience. Here are some tips to set you on the path for success after graduation.

Perfect your “elevator pitch.”
Crafting a simple but significant introductory message will help set you ahead. Create a short introductory message that you can use when you’re emailing hiring managers, professionals and recruiters. While keeping it brief, you’ll want to share your interest in the company and the work you’d be doing. Include your degree, GPA and other relevant awards. You’ll want to personalize this message a bit for each company, but tailoring your first message so that it’s impactful and informative will help you sell your credentials. Try repeating it aloud to yourself or rehearsing it a bit. It’s extremely advantageous to be able to rattle off your pitch at a moment’s notice.


Establish a professional online brand.

No, you don’t necessarily need to go hire a logo designer. But it is to your advantage to start tailoring your online brand. Start integrating your information in social networking sites for professionals – such as LinkedIn, MeetUp. Keep your resume up-to-date on sites like Monster, ZipRecruiter and Indeed. Think of your resume like portfolio: make it organized and easy to understand, something you’re excited to show off to potential employers. Share relevant industry news on your regular social media platforms. Additionally, starting a blog on the subject of your industry can get you noticed and help solidify your image as a professional.


Get your foot in the door with relevant internships.

The earlier your start working internships, the sooner you can start crafting your career brand. There are often internships available year-round, so starting as soon as possible is to your advantage. While some internships involve making copies and fetching coffee, others have opportunity for on-the-job training, escalating to permanent positions and making extremely valuable industry connections. Start by talking within your alumni network. Colleagues and mentors in your field, professors, etc. are all a fantastic place to start as far as tips for internships and entry-level jobs in your field.


Try temping!

You’re probably thinking, “I went to school so I can get a job that isn’t temporary.” But, if you’re having trouble landing a job after graduation, or just don’t know where to start after graduating, temporary work is an excellent way to learn new skills and build your networking and communication abilities. What did you learn on the temporary job that applies to your degree’s industry? Can you apply that in a way that will make sense when added to your resume?  Some temporary agencies even work directly with colleges to scoop up on new grads for hire.

The approaching summer after graduating college can feel daunting. Coming from a rigorous study schedule, routine and assignments, a blank slate and new path might seem overwhelming. But between temping, searching for that perfect job online, interning at an awesome company, the good news is you have options!

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