The Benefits of Staffing Throu...

the benefits of staffing through add on
ADD ON Staffing Solutions Blog October 9, 2015

The Benefits of Staffing Through ADD ON Staffing Solutions

The demand for temporary employment is at an all time high. A study conducted by Intuit predicts that by 2020, 40 percent of the U.S. workforce will be contingent or temporary employees. This includes those looking for full- and part-time work, and also the up and coming freelance and solo-preneur community who are looking for short-term gigs to boost their
project seed money.


This drastic increase in jobseekers is a double-edged sword: on the plus-side, there are a lot of great people looking for work! The slight negative, there are so many people, who will you know to hire? That’s where we come in. From screening, to on-boaring to payroll and tax papers, we’re here to help and make the process as seamless as possible.


We have extensive networks of talent.

We seek out the best of the best, between passive and active candidates. Maintaining great relationships with our previous candidates, as well as actively searching online and in-person for the best recruits is the key to our success. We’re people-people, business matchmakers. We love seeing our excelling candidates and proud employers.


Save Time in All Departments

Between administrative tasks like posting ads across job-seeker sites and Craigslist, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, processing payroll, and management tasks like conducting interviews, background screening, and on-boarding, the time adds up. By putting the task in our hands, you’re maintaining continuity in your business. There’s no need to disrupt your day-to-day workflow when you can leave the hiring process to trusted, experienced staffing professionals.


You want to know exactly who you’re hiring.

We screen candidates for the best match possible – we also screen candidates so you know exactly who you’re hiring. We review resumes, references and conduct face-to-face interviews. We quiz on basic math and reading comprehension to establish high standard of competence, as well as any industry-specific testing you may require. In addition, ADD ON Staffing Solutions conducts drug screening, thorough identity and criminal background checks, we research driving records and check references. We are an equal-opportunity employer, and do not discriminate based on because of the person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.


Both Employers and Employees can “try before you buy.”

Our ultimate goal is to land a match – for both employer and employee. And the key to long-term is finding the best match without a disruptive hiring/replacement process. The beauty of using ADD ON Staffing Solutions as your staffing agency, is the ability to keep everything temporary during the trial period. Both employer and employee can decide if the match is the best fit possible, and part ways without disruption if either decides to go in a different direction.


Relieve Yourself of Liability

By staffing your company through ADD ON Staffing Solutions, the candidate is not your employee. Therefor, you are not liable to process their workers comp, professional/general liability, payroll taxes and unemployment claims.

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